SO Cord

Portable cord is also called flexible cord or portable cordage and it is basically a cable featuring multiple conductors mainly used for the functions which require great flexibility. This cord can easily be used for power in an assortment of applications like operating motors in large and small tools, power extensions, machinery, home appliances and equipment. These cords can also be used in industrial, residential and commercial applications. The cords work very well at the job sites requiring resistance to abrasion, chemicals and oil. Another great feature of a portable cord is that it has the capability of performing very well even in extreme conditions-both cold and heat, inside or outside.

SO CordFactors Influencing the Make of a Portable Cord

There are different varieties of portable cords available in the market. Some cords are water submersible or water-resistant while there are others possessing different features. It is only because of their features that portable cords are widely used in different functionalities like mills, construction sites, sports complexes, marinas and mines. The construction or the entire make of a portable cord might vary according to the type, a normal cord possess a minimum of two abandoned copper conductors. Physical properties of a portable cord are directly influenced by the jacket, insulation and copper stranding.

Different Varieties of Portable Cords

There are different varieties of portable cords available in the market and all the varieties differ in lengths, thicknesses and styles, the most common varieties of portable cords include Type SVT, SJT, SJ, SEOW, So Cord, SOW and SJOW. All these different varieties of portable cords possess specific applications. Most of these cords are made of thermoplastic, thermoplastic elastomer and thermoset. The thermoset cords possess heavy-duty quality rubber jackets and at the same time they are also very strong. The thermoplastic elastomer cords possess medium heavy-duty quality jackets and they possess the ability of performing very well in extremely cold conditions. The thermoplastic cords feature light-duty compound jackets and therefore they are out into light-duty usage.

The Application of So Cord

A SO Cord can easily be used in different industrial environments both outdoors and indoors. The most typical applications of these multi-colored and flexible cables include wiring for large appliances, industrial machinery, motors, heavy-duty devices, temporary electrical power, lighting for the construction sites and mining cable. A So cord can easily be suspended but it is important to connect this cord to fittings and devices so that no tension is transmitted to terminals and joints. It is also important to make use of a attached plug along with this cord when using it for connecting utilization equipment like power generators because the attachment plug allows frequent interchange. However, it is also important to note that a So cord is not allowed to be used for running through walls, dropped or suspended ceilings, structural ceilings and floors. This type of cord can also not be used as an attachment for building surfaces.

So Cord Description

So cord features stranded copper conductor, EPR insulation or CPE rubber, separator, CPE jacket and suitable fillers. This cord possesses a temperature range of -40 degree centigrade to + 60 degree centigrade. The cord has specifically been designed to be used in portable equipment and tools. These cords can also be used in portable appliances, associated machinery and small motors. Soc cord features wonderful resistance to moisture and oil, good strength, aging and elongation characteristics, abrasion resistance and high flexibility. It is also water resistant, CSA certified and UL listed for outdoor and indoor use.

To Conclude

SO Cord is one of the most versatile and most famous varieties of portable cords manufactured these days. It is the versatility of this cord that makes it ideal to be used for different environments. This cord is widely used in residential, industrial and commercial facilities but it has gained huge popularity in marinas, mines and mills. It is also considered ideal for motors and portable appliances because of its great flexibility. these cords are produced in different forms so that they can meet different specifications. Therefore, it would always be a good choice to use these cords for everyday electrical requirements.

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